Who we are

Who we are

Seized anew by the mystery of God,
Who is Silence,
we receive the Word of Life,
and fired by the Spirit,
we share life and love with all creation.

(Extract from General Chapter Document 2008)

We, the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions, are missionaries with a heart for the world!! Our Foundress, Euphrasie Barbier 1829-1893, received the gift of a profound insight into the Divine Mission of God Trinity. Continuing to live her vision today, we work principally with women and youth on the margins of society.
We invite you to join us:

  • as contemplative missionaries drawn into the mystery of Divine Love
  • in awakening a new respect for our earth
  • in solidarity with our missionary activity in different parts of the world
  • in sharing our dreams of building a brighter future of peace, justice and integrity for all

Please spend some time with us and visit the 23 countries where we live and work.

What's new

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Sharing our stories

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27th General Chapter Opens in Hua Hin, Thailand

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If you have faith ...

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